“Good design you notice, great design you don’t.”

I am a graphic designer equally experienced in print and interactive design with a particular interest in the educational aspect of design. I received a MA in Communication Design from Academy of Art and Design in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
I have a long track record of delivering thoughtful, precise, and innovative design solutions into various medias such as branding campaigns, interactive kiosks, UI, mobile applications, infographics, educational games, print collateral and advertising.

I strive to find synergies when collaborating with other people who have a distinct vision to learn from each other and move the project forward.

While living in the Bay Area I became fascinated by science and technology innovations. So when it comes to design, I always research any opportunities in technical fields that can add value to any project that I am working on.

A year ago I came to live in Israel where immersing myself in the culture and traditions inspires my work and keep moving me forward.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at irrumba@gmail.com

Irrumba, Inc.